About Kamatani Cloud

Kamatani Cloud LLC is a technology licensing company that was established to further develop and expand applications for the technology covered by U.S. Patent No. 6,873,940 “Measuring method and measuring service system using communication means.” This patent involves cloud processing of sensed data and sending that data back to a device that sensed the data by display for the user. This technology is an important element in cloud storage and cloud computing – detecting signals from a measured medium.

One embodiment of this patented technology that is illustrated in the specification is a measured service system used at an optical testing laboratory that carries out measurements of optical equipment by remote control to obtain measurement results. In this embodiment, an optical-system testing unit obtains desired measurement data and a detecting unit detects the measured data. An interface circuit of the client apparatus captures or takes in this detected measurement data as a detection signal for measurement.

These detection signals are modulated by the interface circuit as detection signals, coded by a measurement-signal sending circuit into signals suitable for transmission through a communication line, and subjected to other modulation processing such as multiplexing as required. A transceiver transmits the modulated detection signals to the Internet via a website.

Applications for the ‘940 patent’s technology include the voice recognition feature that is popular on smart phones. Kamatani Cloud was established to expand the use of the technology covered by the ‘940 patent, and to ultimately commercialize and monetize the patent via licensing.

Kamatani Cloud LLC is a subsidiary of General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is the managing member of Kamatani Cloud and is the exclusive licensing agent for the company’s patent portfolio.