Kamatani Cloud

Kamatani Cloud LLC is a technology licensing company that is assigned U.S. Patent No. 6,873,940 “Measuring method and measuring service system using communication means.” The invention covered by this patent involves cloud processing of sensed data and sending that data back to a device that sensed the data by display for the user. More specifically, the invention enables efficient communication of data between a transmitter and a receiver by modulating the signal into specific detection signs on the server side, then demodulating the signal by measurement-signal receiving means, and transmitting the data back to the sending device.

A specific application for this technology is voice recognition on smart phones. Kamatani Cloud was established to further develop the technology covered by the ‘940 patent, expand the use of this patented technology, and – ultimately – commercialize and monetize Kamatani Cloud’s intellectual property, primarily through licensing.

Kamatani Cloud LLC is a subsidiary of, and is managed by, General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is also the exclusive licensing agent for the Kamatani Cloud patent.