Kamatani Cloud's Patent

U.S. Patent No. 6,873,940 “Measuring method and measuring service system using communication means” covers an invention in which detection signals detected from a measured medium (medium to be measured) are modulated by interface means into specific detection signs, and transmitted to a communication line by means of a transmitter on the client side. The detection signals transmitted are received at a receiver on the server side, demodulated by interface means through measurement-signal receiving means, and analyzed by desired one of measuring instruments. The detection signals of the measurement results from the measuring instrument are modulated through an interface circuit and measurement-result sending circuit, and transmitted to the communication line by means of the transmitter on the server side. The data signals of the measurement results are received at the receiver on the client side, and demodulated by the measurement-result receiving means, so that the measurement results can be obtained on measurement-results display means. This patent has a priority date of March 7, 2000 and was issued March 29, 2005. Click here for a .pdf of the patent.

The Inventor: The '940 patent is one of over ten patents for which Yasuo Kamatani is the named inventor. Many of Mr. Kamatani's patents cover various types of optical media when placed in a reader, and these patents have been licensed to nearly the entire optical disc reader industry. Mr. Kamatani also holds patents related to optical disk authoring technology.